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Presidential Welcome

Dear Friend,

On behalf of LiveGODLoud Ministries, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Thank you for taking time to visit our ministry website. I trust you will find this to be helpful and informative. So many people have contributed to this ministry’s excellent since its inception in 1982. I love hearing stories of fun on the field, development in spiritual gifts, and victories over sin. As we continue to move this ministry forward, we must never forget that we have a great heritage – and more importantly – a great future.

We are determined to prepare students to have a kingdom-first mindset. We not only emphasize academic and social growth, which are important, but our main focus is on spiritual growth and leadership. This is at the foundation of who we are. In everything that we do, we are committed to reaching and teaching youth to live God loud.

LGL has multiple camps and programs all throughout the year, so I am hopeful that you can, as so many others have done over the past 30 plus years, join in and become a part of the LGL team.

Pointing Others to Christ,

Tony McCrary

LiveGodLoud Ministries President

About the Ministry

Live God Loud Ministries was founded in 1982 and is grounded on four very important principles:

1. We are committed to Jesus Christ.

2. We are committed to Christ’s message; therefore we are committed

to evangelism— reaching across the barriers of church and


3. We are committed to Wesleyanism—the doctrine of heart purity.

4. We are committed to today’s youth. We desire to see them reached for Christ as well as growing in Christ.

Our mission is “Reaching and Teaching Youth to Live God Loud!” In other words, we will instill within young people the desire to be radical Christians—living cross-grained with the culture of a sinful world.

For nearly forty years, we have seen countless lives changed through our various ministries. Many of those young people are serving God all across the country and around the world in various capacities. Some are in full-time Christian ministry while others are serving God in local church ministries. They are carrying on the great work that our founder, M.R. McCrary (Bro. Mac) envisioned back in 1982.

Donate to Live God Loud

Live God Loud Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations to the ministry are tax-deductible.

LGL's Ministries